Anonymous asked: "how do you feel about Dick Grayson's redesign?"


Anonymous asked: "The comic is called Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain. You can find it on newkadia for cheap, with a bunch of other comics as well."

Thanks so much!

Anonymous asked: "Since you love Jason Todd, did you read that one comic where he, Donna, and Kyle were searching for Atom through the multiverse and ended up in the Red Rain universe where Batman was a vampire and Dick was trying to kill him and Jason flipped out and tried to stop/save Dick from becoming a vampire himself? Like he was screaming at Dick not to go after Bruce and crap."

I do love Jason Todd! ;u;

But no, I’ve never even heard of this comic, although I am now very intrigued! What is it? Where can I find it?

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fun fact this blog is currently on relative hiatus but

if any of y’all watch agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. you should def come by my personal and talk to me about fitzsimmons because i am so attached to them i might throw up and die and i need to talk about them constantly to survive

or i mean you could talk to me about other stuff too i miss you guys ok tell me how you’ve been


Anonymous asked: "psst i don't know if you're still deliberating over the comixology buy or not but either way you should know that there's a thing called marvel unlimited where for 10 dollars a month you get unlimited access to ~15,000 digital marvel comic books and it's a rlly good deal if you want to read a lot of marvel comic books just fyi"

holy crap. 

from the bottom of my actual real heart, thank you so much for telling me about this, anon! i decided to just borrow the winter soldier ultimate collection from my library, and had no idea about this offer!

oh, my gosh. i’m. oh, man. wow.

i’ll have to check this out, immediately. 

if you’re prioritizing comic book characters over school and you know it clap your hands


steve to bucky: why’d you have to go and make things so complicated

steve to bucky: actin’ like you’re somebody else, gets me frustrated

i’m a simple girl with simple tastes why do comics have to be so fucking expensivE

debating whether or not to buy the whole Captain America v.5/The Death of Captain America/The Winter Soldier series for $35 on comiXology

is it worth it friends

majingojira said: 

No, that’s good. If you couldn’t take 20 minute of it, the chance for it to win you over has already passed. This is a rule of film. If you’re not into it by 10 to 30 minutes in, you are under no obligation to keep going.

That makes a great deal of sense! I thought about continuing on to see if it (or I) would calm down a bit, but decided it would most likely only serve to exacerbate my anxiety to keep pushing forward blindly.

damilyn​ said: 

I was fine during it, but given the nature of the movie and the contents, I can 100% see why it would be triggering. I guess the makers expect people to go into the movie knowing what the content is… I dunno. :/

Must be! To be fair, I definitely should have done more research into the nature and content of the film, especially as I was unfamiliar with the characters and background. And, of course, there was. The R-rating. Lesson learned!

unrelated side note: did anyone else find watchmen (the movie) really really triggerin g???? ?? like

it was recommend to me by a friend so i started watching it but

i only made it probably twenty minutes tops before i had to turn it off

imagine a world with jason + bucky friendship though

jason and bucky trading battle stories war stories over drinks and just a hint of caustic gallows humor

patrolling together

going to war, having each other’s sixes

being mistaken for brothers because they’re so similar in looks

bucky telling jason about life in the forties

imagine it

darkdreamer702 replied to your post “thinks about a jason todd + bucky barnes friendship for 2 seconds”
i am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
awesome, i’m calling the newsletter “oh my god, do i cry” and it’ll be released every single day of my life