Anonymous asked: "i was just wondering is the batgirl 09-11 in your recs, steph's run or it includes cass' run? also! i was surprised lil gotham isn't in your recs if you haven't read it i seriously recommend it, it's really cute ahhhh"

hi!! to clarify, the batgirl (2009-2011) series refers to steph’s run as batgirl.

lil gotham seems really cute!! unfortunately i have limited money and i have prioritized other comics over that series, but one day!! one day i will have money and i will read it thanks for the rec, cutie! 

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Black Bat is done!I’m still waiting on the mask, but it’s basically done(:


Black Bat is done!
I’m still waiting on the mask, but it’s basically done(:

1,648 notes, and still going strong. how did this happen to me i’ve made my mistakes

Anonymous asked: "Your headcanons are wonderful! I've been laughing for ten minutes thank you friend :)"

oh gosh oh man how sweet!! i am so happy to know that you enjoy them friend!!!

do you ever get so excitedly emotional about that one scene in a comic book that you start like suppressing a scream of excitement and anticipation when you know it’s coming up

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'did you mean; 'why does my DAUGHTER dress like that?' - continue search results with 'why does my SON dress like that' '

"how to make them dress not that way”

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"how to raise a cat"

"also where did this cat come from"

"who is benediction cummerbunderpatch"

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has hannibal the cannibal been prosecuted under the law?

follow-up search:

"why not"

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(lmao it’s yancybecket with one t) “are panty raids legal”

frick i keep tagging you wrong lmao i’m so sorry

"are feelings a disease"

"who came out to have a good time and why were they attacked"

"is hannibal a cannibal"


"what is mr. krabs feeling and why is he feeling it"

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"what is the phrase ‘are you feeling it now, mr. krabs’ a reference to"

"mayonnaise is not an instrument??"