So, Steve un-did the thing. After less than 24 hours.

And, you know… it hurts much more terribly to be asked out and then told that “actually, you don’t think you’re ready for a relationship at the present moment because of stuff,” than to never have been asked out at all in the first place.

I didn’t even know it was possibly to be hurt this badly by a guy I didn’t even have the chance to properly date yet. Why won’t anyone just be careful with me? Is it really so hard?

So, you know what else? Screw that noise. I won’t be defined by the person that I’m with, or how they treat me: I’m defined by the person I allow these kinds of situations to make me.

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  3. cornflakepizza said: I’m so angry right now for you. Man, frick this dude, he and his fragile ego SO do not deserve you.
  4. ronanthegreywaren said: Oh honey! I’m sorry! Screw Steve, man. You don’t need Steve.
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